What is the right way to report yourself sick?

What is the right way to report yourself sick?

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If you are ill, you must report this no later than one hour before the start of your work. Before 8.30am you can use our special emergency number: 06-25029870. When you start work later in the day, you have report your absence around 9.00am by calling 0297-389680.

You also need to notify the hirer where you are employed by calling your contact.

In addition, we would like to receive a written confirmation of you being absent before noon on the day you called in sick. You can do this by sending an e-mail to ziek@internationalflexjob.com.

In the event of a late or incorrect report, you can jeopardize your sickness benefit. Make sure you are available at all times during your illness. If you are ill, an International Flex Job employee will contact you or visit you to see how you are doing. If necessary, one of our staff members can help you get to, for example, a doctor. Unfortunately, the sick leave regulation was abused in the past. As a result, we are forced to check whether the reason for your sickness absence is valid. If there are doubts concerning your illness, we may impose a sanction in the form of a fine. This fine amounts โ‚ฌ 20,00 per incident and will be deducted from the net salary. The fine may be imposed in, amongst others, the following cases: 

  • absence due to alcohol consumption; ย 
  • not reported absence; ย 
  • to arrive late at the hirer for 2 or more times a month, without valid reason. ย 

Part of the sickness absence procedure is that you inform us in time that you have recovered. Do not forget to inform us immediately! See the enclosed telephone and e-mail list for this.