Wat kost een auto huren?

Wat kost een auto huren?

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You may get a company car to be able to drive back and forth to the hirer. As a condition, it may be that we ask you to pick up some colleagues and bring them back home after working hours. The intention is that you only use the car for business purposes, not private. On the basis of the law, the tax authorities charge up to 25% based on the car’s new value for private use of the car.

This amounts to approximately € 2500,- addition per year for a small car. As an employer, we are obliged to pass on this addition for the private use of the car to the relevant driver. If we note that this is the case, a rental fee of € 50,00 per day and € 0,20 per kilometer driven will be charged.

In case of a claim, there is a deductible of € 350,00 per event. In the event of a labor dispute or the end of a temporary employment contract, you must immediately return the car that has been made available.

  • All of our cars are equipped with GPS.
  • The driver is obliged to ensure that the car remains clean and tidy.
  • All minor and major damage must be reported immediately to us.
  • It is not allowed to smoke in our cars.
  • When you receive the car, a car key and chip will be handed over to you – a deposit will be retained for the chip. When you return your chip and key, the deposit will be transferred back to your account.
  • It is not allowed to lend the car to third parties.
  • Private use is not allowed (this means rides other that the ones from home to hirer and back). 
  • Pay attention to your behavior on the road and your speed, all fines are deducted from your salary.