Hoe vaak krijg in uitbetaald?

Hoe vaak krijg in uitbetaald?

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When you work for International Flex Job, you will receive a salary in accordance with the NBBU CAO and/or in accordance with the hirer’s remuneration. The gross salary agreed with you, the working hours and other details will be confirmed to you in the temporary confirmation.

When you work for us, your salary will be transferred once a week to your account number. Payments usually take place on Friday afternoon. In exceptional cases this can be deviated from. Think of New Years, software problems and other factors that we can not influence (for  example, a breakdown in the bank’s software). As a result, payment may take a few days to be transferred.

The salary you receive on your account is a net amount; the tax and social insurance contributions that you have to pay have already been deducted. It is important to know that overtime hours are extra taxed.

Every week you receive a salary specification digitally. Here you can see what your wages are, how much premium you pay, how the difference between the net and the gross hourly wage is calculated and which supplements and reservations you could expect.

We advise you to keep the salary specifications. Then you can always check whether the correct net amount has been credited to your account. You may also need the specification for, for example, your tax return. In an appendix at the end of this brochure, we explain what the details written on your salary specification mean. If you still have questions after that, please contact our administration during office hours on telephone number 0297 – 389680 or send your question by e-mail to administratie@internationalflexjob.com.

There are various options for communicating your worked hours to us. In general we use a digital time registration system. In some cases we still work with paper time sheets. Which option applies to you, our recruiter will explain to you before you start working for a hirer.

At all times you remain responsible for delivering the time sheets on time.

In the companies that use an electronic time registration system, clock cards or log in codes are used. Both the cards and the codes are issued by us and are exclusively assigned to a certain temporary employee. You will receive more information regarding the use of these from your recruiter / contact person.